Mission Statement

As the great Italian educator, Loris Malaguzzi expressed in a poem: “A child has a hundred languages but gets deprieved of 99!”

Children’s art is one of the unique primeval languages symbolizing thoughts and feelings and hereby reflecting the deeply original and universal inner nature of the children around us.

These reflections, we believe, can be found within the direct and friendly manner in which children approach and handle materials. And also as embedded in the child’s concrete visualizations of linear language into 3-dimensional forms is yet another one of these hundred languages.

In these there is something that has to do with origin, birth and budding life; a joy of living and vitality; the same kind of power that makes plants and animals grow and develop. Man’s search and research through cycles of civilizations will, hopefully, aid us through whatever future challenges we meet in our World.

Children do offer us messages, if we are ready to perceive them as such…” Sonja (Böhlander) Tanrisever

“In own as well as in children’s art, my main goal has always been achieving outlet of pure dynamic expressions. The dynamic expressions of the child, also of the one in our inner selves, in the universe.” Sonja

The most important is not to make a beautiful picture. Essential is what happens during the process in itself while it is coming into being.

Sonja and Esin are a mother and daughter both being Swedish / Turkish artists and educators. Sonja has spent 58 years of her life together with children and their own kinds of art. Esin does also have same kind of experiences behind her since 20 years. They are still engaged in art education and researching innovative art pedagogical metohds.

Besides practizing sortiments of known art teachings, they have together also developed some own techniques, partly including certain influences from Swedish Children’s Culture. These they have adapted to other social structures  of own World as applied with children living under various sociocultureal conditions. They have worked with Street children as well as with highly privileged ones…

This booklet series of theirs, entitled: “Free Art Learning with Kids, is a project leading us into a journey towards children’s worlds of imagination. Emphasizing their needs of self expression and bringing about insights into how we, as adults, can best support.

Sonja & Esin Tanrisever

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