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We must warn you this is a ‘holiday’ type of article, or even can be described as a chat, in this warm August day. Please note that below you will not find much about education, except an audio of our interview with Radio EDUtalk, Scotland, which can also be reached from http://edutalk.cc

So yesterday, by 21st of August 2018, we’ve had our very first radio interview with David Noble @parslad from Radio EDUtalk @EDUtalkr, Scotland, and it was great talking with him, replying his questions, feeling being understood and sharing our compassion for art education together with kids. We feel very lucky to have got David’s and Radio EDUtalk’s support for introducing our project

David Noble from Radio EDUtalk

Mp3 of our interview is below

Some Brief Views on Scotland

We’ve never been to Scotland so before our interview, we wanted to know the country better. Therefore we studied about the country’s history, demography, political management style, main characteristics of Scottish people so to say – according to some leading news and cultural websites, and we’ve done that thoroughly. Surely from before that we knew the capital is not Glasgow but Edinburgh and that the country is ruled with monarchy but we learned about the worldwide famous Edinburgh Fringe Culture Festival where over thousands of comedians and theater artists gather on stages, streets and even within houses; symbol of the country, the unicorn which has been coloring Scottish emperors’ shields since the 12th century;

UnicornShields of Scottish Emperors

Mel Gibson was my idol from teenager years and surely had watched the film “Braveheart”, then there was another reason to read about the history again and we came to learn more about Scotland; the genuine red hair, we read articles;

“Less than 2% of the world’s population have red hair. That’s approximately 140 million people. Scotland boasts the highest percentage of natural redheads, with 13% (40% might carry the gene there) while Ireland comes in second with 10%” https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/beauty-hair/hair/a32357/redhead-facts/

We already admire Scottish Whisky but now we also wonder about the taste of “Haggis” (https://www.britannica.com/topic/haggis) the famous national dish –hope someday we shall taste that if we someday have a chance to visit the country.


By the help of Radio EDUtalk’s program @EDUtalkr, we also came to learn that there is a very characteristic accent special to the country. It has been a dynamic interview, no one knew what the following sentences would be. We had fun.

Upon our NGO works and “Memet Tanrisever” or “Memo”, the ‘brother’ and the ‘son’ of Esin and Sonja and His Relations To Scotland 

To quote a fun memory about our family and Scotland to you, I need to rewind the time for about two decades. My elder brother Memet Tanrisever @MemetTanrisever or “Memo” as many people call him,  one of the founders of a NGO in Search and Rescue Society that performs mainly here in Turkey where I also volunteer (www.akut.org.tr AKUT Search and RescueAssociation)

Memet Tanrisever Incident Commander

Above is my brother Memo in an International Disaster Scenario  Workshop After Giving His Training

Memo is a mountaineer, a noteworthy rescuer in mountains, disasters and elsewhere, further than that he can manage such operations as a special position called “ *Incident Commander” which is mainly defined as “The individual responsible for the management of all operations at the incident site”; he can also manage operations from the main operation center away from the disaster area. So in disasters it is like that; he usually manages operations, rarely works as a rescuer but in ‘peace time’ so to say, he gives very special educations upon the subject. A great instructor, I can say he’s born to be an educator! He can take any subject, master it then convey the information in such a way, that in the end everyone understands regardless of the characteristics or nature of the group.

*  U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency

He had trained our team before the big earthquake in our country that took place in 1999 and by the help of that, we could be ready to respond that time.

Once He Had Been To Scotland For A Mountain Rescue!

My brother reminded me that once he had been to Scotland for a mountain rescue(!) with 3 rescuer friends, from Turkey. Back in 90’ies I suppose… How they heard about the incident and how they went there is another story but there is a saying in Turkish like “A mountaineer’s friend can only be a mountaineer”; underlining when something happens to a mountaineer in mountains, such high, extraordinary and difficult conditions that ‘normal’ people usually can not be able to help requiring some special exercises and surely also knowledge. So mountaineers should help each other in difficult conditions. What I want to tell you is he had a fun memory from that time.

While they found the victim in Fort Williams, with a team of about 10 or so, 3 of them including my brother were Turkish, and for a while when the victim was starting to get conscious, the three Turks were right in front of him, in a dialogue like “Give me this, give me that, here is this” and etc (equipments for the rescue) and like with each other, but all these dialogues were of course in Turkish and when the victim opened his eyes, his first sentence was:

“Where the hell am I?!..”

Can you imagine a mountaineer in his country, after being unconscious for some time, opening his eyes, seeing some people and hearing them speaking a very different language between each other! Right in front of him!

Me (on the right) in an AKUT team   This photograph above from my website (under construction www.esintanrisever.com) is from a joint training project in Greece. They had wondered if we knew that well, and could give First Aid support with eyes tied up literally :)) Yes we could :)

Me (on the right) in an AKUT team  

This photograph above from my website (under construction www.esintanrisever.com) is from a joint training project in Greece. They had wondered if we knew that well, and could give First Aid support with eyes tied up literally. Yes we could 🙂

We Happened To Have A Scottish ‘Lady’ In Our Family!  

Right after our interview, I called my brother and he also told me that my nephew is a “Scottish Lady” right now (?!!!) He told me that before leaving Turkey and moving to Sweden, they’ve just bought a 1 square meter land from Scotland from the internet 🙂 to support a nature preserve in a beautiful Scottish countryside and they have been sent a certificate that shows my nephew really is a ‘Scottish princess’ right now 🙂

So after this interview of ours with Radio EDUtalk, we have another kind of connection with Scotland right now

Thanks for reading!

Esin Tanrisever

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