Gallery (Video and Pics)

Here we are, Sonja and Esin sharing views upon our introduction book upon art education of children from 2 to 6 years old

Upon our Ebook, “Free Art Learning With Kids”

We Can Build An Art Library With You!

Are you in Istanbul? Great… Shall we run some extraordinary projects together? Middle term like 2-3 months or so once a week? Your children shall create sculptures in normal sizes, we shall choose in between and with professional sculptors, we shall copy them to monument size big, then place them in your neigbourhood 🙂

Original Sculpture of a childOriginal sculpture of an 8 year old child

Professional sculptors working on it over 3 meters Professional sculptors working on it to copy it to monument size

Professional sculptor working on kid's sculpture Kids sculpture in monument sizeKid’s sculpture in monument size (over 3 meters)


This was a joint project with the Association of Swedish Turkish Sculptor Ilhan Koman, Istanbul Municipality’s and Swedish General Consulate’s valuable supports

4 monumentary sculptures to Istanbul from kids flyer

“4 Monumenary Sculptures to Istanbul From Kids” By the year 2008

Kids and their sculptures "monsters"

Recycled material? No, those are statues gentlemen seen, have created 🙂

We worked with 20 Turkish children, they produced prints with different techniques, then we sent them to  Olympics in China

weawings and childrenHow about working on some different weavings? Let’s decorate your school!

prints with different techniquesPrints with different techniques and beyond

5 year old designing a pillow at art studio of authors of Free Art Learning With KidsPainting on satin pillows? We can surely do that, also…

Having plenty of space for painting makes one feel great! Free Art Learning With KidsPainting with mixed technique

Working at thr art studio of authors of Free Art Learning With KidsPainting on walls is also nice!… From our studio

Sonja looking through the “cloud pictures” 🙂 

Sonja & Esin from 10 years ago or so