It’s the first time we are presenting these kind of productionsin public and each one is unique as design 

Use of TALISMANS as believed to be protecting against disaster and so called “evil eyes” is deeply originated from time of Shamanism in regional cultural tradition. Sometimes these beliefs are still expressed through, for instance, “magical beads” being attached to various kinds of arts and crafts objects…

De djupa historiska rötterna bakom bruket av TALISMANER, som anses inneha beskyddande krafter gentemot olyckor eller “onda ögat”, härrör ända från Shamanismens tidevarv inom regionala kulturtraditioner. Ibland fortlever detta förfarande i och med att tex. magiska glas amuletter sammanfogas med olika slag av konsthantverksobjekt…


“It was August 1999. The disastrous earthquake struck the Marmara Region of Turkey. I was one of the rescuers in AKUT (an international voluntary Search And Rescue Association in Turkey).

Until then, art had mostly meant a pleasant occupation to me, but after those experiences, it has become almost a necessity; in order to be able to breath…”

For about five years, Esin had been Head of the K9 Department there. Presently she still volunteers in the Society. She’s partner of a family company on new medical technologies. She’s also an artist: she weaves, makes reliefs and works with children in an experimental art studio.


She depicts herself as “Being addicted to Nature in Art”:

“Bark or branch of a tree, a stone, bone of an animal, feather of a bird or a sea shell… All these natural objects, however modest they may seem at first glance, have very lyrical expressions of their own. And it’s like as if they can tell about stories they have lived through… As time passes, awareness about the tremendous richnesses in nature overwhelmes me more and more…

From the very moment of first facing the objects that I’ve placed on my canvas, a relationship between me and them gets started… According to their shapes, colours, structures, smells… And so I come  to be a shell and the shell becomes me. Discovering at this time that I’ve found a language of my own.”

Esin Tanrisever




Talismans 1 wood – from the side

 Talismans 1 wood – front. 51 cm from left to right, 40 cm from up to down. Smaller or bigger sizes can be produced upon request

Talismans 1 wood – front, with some shadows. In the afternoon or with correct lighting, beautiful shadows will dance on the wall

 Talismans 1 wood – handmade clay detail, “Tree Of Life” 

 Talismans 1 wood – metal detail. Can be changed with some other pieces like Fatima’s Hand, a country’s flag or any other piece or subject that is desired

 Talismans 2 wood – pink model with handmade clay tree of life and metal angel

 Talismans 2 wood – pink model detail metal angel

 Talismans bark 1 from palm tree- front. 56 cm from left to right. 50 cm from up to down

 Talismans_Bark-1_ from palm tree side view

 Talismans_Bark-2 from palm tree dreamcatcher and handmade clay in copper color

 Talismans Bark 3 from palm tree, with laces, blue tiles, sea shells and “evil eyes” for protection from against “evil eyes”. 59 cm from up to down, 50 cm from left to right

 Talismans wooden – lacesstones, sea shells, glass beads, blue tiles, mirror piece

 Talismans – wooden – different models can be produced. “Fatima’s hand”, country flags and any other items can be used upon request

Materials used; any materials used from nature like branch of trees, bark of palm trees, sea shells, stones, leather pieces, or pieces like beads from different materials, mirrrors, laces, tradional blue tiles from Turkey, seeds from different parts of the world, fetahers. In short, “magical” materials to protect oneself and the loved ones

Smaller or bigger sizes can be produced upon request